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Agnetix ZENITH
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Agnetix ZENITH
Powerful. Efficient. Connected.

Agnetix ZENITH is a high-performing and extremely energy-efficient LED horticulture grow light delivering up to 3.34 μmol/J. Designed to be the connected backbone of the facility, the ZENITH is water-cooled and has integrated USB and Power Over Ethernet ports for easy networking, light scheduling, and crop data visibility using advanced sensors and cameras.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient

    Reduce operational costs

  • Stable

    Improve stability of the environment

  • Powerful

    Higher Light Levels

  • Simple

    Easy to install and use

  • Connected

    IoT enabled for data collection

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Agnetix Heat Recovery Technology

The Agnetix ZENITH platform significantly drives down operational costs with its unique water-cooling and heat recovery system. The system efficiently removes heat from the grow lights using a simple water loop. Piped out of the room, the heat can be rejected or easily reused to warm the rest of the facility. This results in a more stable horticulture environment for better plant comfort, reduced costs, and better yields.


Real-Time Visibility

  • Temperature78F
  • Room Dim23%
  • Humidity67.4%
Grow Room237 Plants
HMI MonitorLetuceLeafLeafLeafZoom

The Agnetix Human Machine Interface (HMI) works seamlessly with advanced sensors and cameras to deliver real-time visibility into a grow room, providing growers with critical environmental and plant data.

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  • Indoor

    Indoor Grow

    Agnetix water-cooled grow lighting systems significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs known in Vented and Unvented Indoor Growth Chambers.
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  • Lettuce


    Agnetix water-cooled grow lighting systems are a great supplement to any Vented or Unvented Greenhouse providing energy-savings and real-time visibility to shifting environment conditions.
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