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Agnetix A3
Agnetix A3 Front ViewAgnetix A3 Bottom view

Agnetix A3
Powerful. Efficient. Connected.

Agnetix A3 is a high-performing and extremely energy-efficient LED horticulture light delivering up to 2.45 μmol/J. Designed to be the connected backbone of the facility, the A3 has integrated USB and Power Over Ethernet ports for easy networking, light scheduling and crop visibility using advanced sensors and cameras.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient

    Reduce operational costs

  • Stable

    Improve stability of the environment

  • Powerful

    Higher Light Levels

  • Simple

    Easy to install and use

  • Connected

    IoT enabled for data collection

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Agnetix Heat Recovery Technology

The Agnetix A3 platform significantly drives down operational costs with its unique liquid-cooling and heat recovery system. The system efficiently removes heat from the lights using a simple water loop. Piped out of the room, the heat can be rejected or easily reused to warm the rest of the facility. This results in a more stable environment for better plant comfort, reduced costs and better yields.

RemoveRejectReuseHeat RemovedHeat RejectedReused Heat Energy
In the air icon
In the air
Cooling Tower icon
Cooling Tower
Cooling Ponds icon
Cooling Ponds
Fountain icon
Ground Source icon
Ground Source
Outdoor Fan Coil icon
Outdoor Fan Coil
Hot Tub icon
Hot Tub
Floor Heater icon
Floor Heater
Hot Water Heater icon
Hot Water Heater
Fan Coil Heater icon
Fan Coil Heater
  • More stable & controllable
  • 50% less heat from
    light than HPS
  • 50% lower HVAC &
    Dehumidifier Loads
  • Save 20% on heat
    energy costs

Real-Time Visibility

  • Temperature78F
  • Room Dim23%
  • Humidity67.4%
Grow Room237 Plants
HMI MonitorLetuceLeafLeafLeafZoom

Included with the A3 system, the Agnetix Human Machine Interface (HMI) works seamlessly with advanced sensors and cameras to deliver real-time visibility into a grow room, providing growers with critical environmental and plant data.

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  • Indoor Grows

    Agnetix liquid-cooled lighting systems significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs known in Vented and Unvented Indoor Growth Chambers.
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  • Greenhouse

    Agnetix liquid-cooled lighting systems are a great supplement to any Vented or Unvented Greenhouse providing energy-savings and real-time visibility to shifting environment conditions.
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Take advantage of PG&E incentives

CA residents have access to rebates and On-Bill Financing through PG&E that significantly reduce start-up costs.


100 Agnetix A3 lights at $1,640


17% Rebate*$27,880
Interest-Free for 5 yrs**

5 Year cost* = $2,269/Month

* Varies by customer

** On-Bill Financing up to $100,000

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