Liquid cooled, multi-sensor and imaging smart horticulture lighting system for vertical farming

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Advanced Multi-Sensor and Imaging System

PHENOM is a modular vertical horticulture lighting system that integrates cameras and valuable plant and environmental sensors for ultimate canopy visibility, expert data analysis, thermal control, energy recovery and heat storage.

  • Monitor Plant Health

    Leaf Temperature Sensor

  • Track Plant Growth

    Canopy Distance Sensor

  • Evaluate Ambient Light

    Light Sensor

  • See Crop Remotely

    Built-in Camera

  • Illuminate Safely at Night

    On-board Green LEDs

  • Optimize LED Spectrum

    Full Spectrum or Greenhouse


Super High Efficacy

PHENOM High EfficacyGreenhouse
Delivers up to3.04μmol/J
Full SpectrumFull

PHENOM delivers full-spectrum or red-optimized PAR light up to 3.04μmol/J and precision dimming 100-1%. Outperforming other LED lighting fixtures designed for vertical agriculture.


Liquid-cooled System

PHENOM Liquid Cooled

PHENOM, the Agnetix A3 and ZENITH lights use Agnetix patented hydronics system which removes 100% of the heat waste from the growth chamber. The key to reducing energy use and operational costs is this hydronics system which may reject, recover and store heat for use in processes throughout the site.

With the Agnetix liquid cooling and heat recovery system, I don’t have to run heating at night or cooling during the day.

Aaron Flynn

Co-Founder Gold Seal SF


The Agnetix Human Machine Interface (HMI) is included with the ZENITH lighting system and delivers visibility into a grow room’s health

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All-In-One environmental sensor for greenhouse and indoor grows

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