Agnetix Heat Recovery Technology

The Agnetix ZENITH platform significantly drives down operational costs with its unique water-cooling and heat recovery system. The system efficiently removes heat from the grow lights using a simple water loop. Piped out of the room, the heat can be rejected or easily reused to warm the rest of the facility. This results in a more stable horticulture environment for better plant comfort, reduced costs, and better yields.

  • More stable & controllable environment
  • 50% less heat from light than HPS
  • 50% lower HVAC & Dehumidifier Loads
  • Save 20% on heat energy costs

Liquid-cooled System

Agnetix A3 Liquid Cooled

Unique design of the A3 water loop efficiently eliminates 100% of the light’s waste heat from the growth chamber, reducing energy use and operating costs.

More Yield. Faster Cycles. Stronger THC.

More Yield. Faster Cycles. Stronger THC.

Plant nutrition combined with environmental factors and lighting are critical components to cultivating a healthy crop. Agnetix is a proven lighting solution that achieves better crop outcomes. Below are the third-party tested results of a Cannabis Grow-Off between HPS and Agnetix LED.

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With Agnetix, I was able to reduce my grow cycle by 11 days! These lights put out so much light that my plants love and with the water loop to reduce the heat, my energy bill was less than half as previous months.

Eric Battuello, Cultivator

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Introducing the new Agnetix ZENITH. Same great water-cooled efficiencies and powerful light of the groundbreaking A3, now improved with embedded multi-sensor and imaging technologies giving growers the ultimate advantage.

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The Agnetix Human Machine Interface (HMI) is included with the ZENITH lighting system and delivers visibility into a grow room’s health, providing growers with critical environmental and plant data.

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Free Rebate Estimates

Save up to 70% on Agnetix Lighting

Agnetix provides our customers with FREE utility rebate estimates as well as additional services to process complex rebate applications.

Saving money just got easier.

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