More Yield. Faster Cycles. Stronger THC.

More Yield. Faster Cycles. Stronger THC.


Plant nutrition combined with environmental factors and lighting are critical components to cultivating a healthy crop. Agnetix is a proven lighting solution that achieves better crop outcomes. Below are the third-party tested results of a Cannabis Grow-Off between HPS and Agnetix LED.



In a Grow-Off between Gavita DE HPS 1030W and Agnetix A3-1200W LED, total crop yield improved from 45lbs to 63lbs using higher intensity light.

Delivered Light Increased 70%
HPS = 600 µmol/m2s
AGNETIX = 1,000 µmol/m2s



3 crop strains were tested and harvest cycle times were reduced by up to 22%. Weight increased with shorter cycles resulting in an estimated annualized yield increase of 61%.

Strains tested: HPS AGNETIX
Wedding Crashers 56 Days 43 Days
Sundae Driver 56 Days 48 Days
Wedding Pie 56 Days 48 Days



These Agnetix-grown plants also delivered a more potent, high-quality bud with a 17% increase in THC and Cannabinoids.

(Agnetix-grown Wedding Pie Crop measured in at 30% total THC vs HPS-grown at 23%. To date the record high has been 27.5% for HPS)


Certified Third Party Result Links:

Wedding Crashers Certificate of Analysis 1A Certificate of Analysis 1B
Sundae Driver Certificate of Analysis 2A Certificate of Analysis 2B
Wedding Pie Certificate of Analysis 3A Certificate of Analysis 3B


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Source: Both Tests performed by Sonoma Labworks from Santa Rosa for Butter Brand cultivation.


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