The Agnetix Human Machine Interface (HMI) is included with the A3 lighting system and delivers visibility into a grow room’s health, providing growers with critical environmental and plant data.

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Intelligent Visibility & Control

Agnetix HMI provides an intuitive dashboard that enables secure and real-time visibility to environment and plant monitoring along with lighting control.

  • Room Management

  • Light Control

  • Real-Time Data Monitoring

  • Bird's Eye View


Room Management

  • 8amSunrise
  • 2pmSunset
  • 23%LED dim

Visibility to historical and real-time grow metrics enable rapid decision-making and adjustments for healthier yields.

  • Temperature
  • Energy
  • Humidity
  • Lights
  • Cooling
  • Plant Health



Real-Time Data Monitoring

Customize your view of critical metrics including humidity, temperature, CO2, lighting intensity and power consumption.


Bird’s Eye View

Camera 1
Camera 2
Camera 3
Camera 4

Data ports on each fixture accept downward-facing cameras that allow growers to visually inspect and continuously monitor their crops in real time.

  • USB Connected Camera

The Agnetix system is able to cut our electricity costs in half over traditional solutions.

Brandon Levine

CEO Mercy Wellness

Agnetix A3™

Agnetix A3 is a powerful and efficient LED horticulture light.

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Plug and Go options for greenhouse and indoor grows

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Free Rebate Estimates

Save up to 70% on Agnetix Lighting

Agnetix provides our customers with FREE utility rebate estimates as well as additional services to process complex rebate applications.

Saving money just got easier.

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