Agnetix HARMONY is an all-in-one environmental sensor that connects easily to the ZENITH and communicates seamlessly with the HMI to deliver precise readings of temperature, humidity, and CO2, as well as calculated Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) and Dew Point for easy crop management.

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Key Benefits

HARMONY adds another layer of valuable cultivation data to the Agnetix system for better data-driven decisions.

  • Measure Critical Environmental Data

    Temperature, Humidity & CO2

  • Connect Easily To ZENITH and HMI

    Seamless Integration

  • Calculate VPD & Dew Point

    Intelligent Software Tool

  • Evaluate Data for Decisions

    Historical & Realtime Data


Real-time & Historical Metrics

Grow room237 Plants
  • 78FTemperature
  • 23%Room Dim
  • 67.4%Humidity

Clear and instant visibility to real-time data allows for immediate actions. Data is also stored for a historical analysis of the grow cycle.


Targeted Visibility

Camera 1
Camera 2
Camera 3
Camera 4
Tomato Room198 Plants
  • 85FAir
  • 75%Relative Humidity
  • 450PPMCO2

Agnetix HARMONY Sensor measures environmental readings of Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, and CO2 from the canopy level. With this data, Vapor Pressure Deficit and Dew Points can be calculated using the HMI.


Simple and Precise Data Collection

HARMONY is an all-in-one environmental sensor that plugs easily to the ZENITH using a USB connection and measures environmental readings that are visible on the Agnetix HMI.

Indoor Applications

  • S7-IN-L-00

    • Air Temperature
    • Relative Humidity
    • CO2 Level
    • Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) – calculated by HMI
    • Dew Point – Calculated by HMI

Connect to

  • Temperature78F
  • Room Dim23%
  • Humidity67.4%
Grow Room237 Plants
HMI MonitorLetuceLeafLeafLeafZoomSensor

HARMONY Sensors communicate seamlessly with the Agnetix HMI for easily tracking and calculating critical metrics from one dashboard.

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(The New A3)
Agnetix ZENITH is a powerful and efficient LED horticulture light.

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The Agnetix Human Machine Interface (HMI) is included with the ZENITH lighting system and delivers visibility into a grow room’s health

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