Indoor Grow

Agnetix delivers stability in indoor grow chambers for better yields and lower operating costs

Agnetix Key Benefits

For Indoor Grow

Up to


Savings on Operating Costs

  • Indoor-Specific Environmental Sensors provide critical horticulture data for improved yields
  • Temperature, Humidity, Air Flow, Leaf Temp and CO2 of the indoor chamber available in real-time
  • Full-spectrum, powerful light output (2,850PPF) for any ceiling or crop height
  • Energy-efficient LED Lighting (2.45umol/J) is 20% more efficient than HID/HPS lighting
  • Remote data dashboard, located outside the room, allows monitoring without disturbing a stable grow environment
  • Agnetix Heat Recovery Technology reduces HVAC loads and reclaims heat energy for up to 50% savings and a more stable environment
Sample Indoor Layout

Free Rebate Estimates

Save up to 70% on Agnetix Lighting

Agnetix provides our customers with FREE utility rebate estimates as well as additional services to process complex rebate applications.

Saving money just got easier.

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