Agnetix is a strong supplement to sunlight and reacts quickly to shifting environment conditions that can affect greenhouse grows. The platform promotes environment stability for better yields and lower operating costs

Agnetix Key Benefits

For Greenhouse

Up to


Savings on Operating Costs

  • Greenhouse-Specific Environmental Sensors provide critical horticulture data metrics for better yields
  • Incoming Ambient Light measurements allow for instant adjustment of light intensity for plant stability and optimized energy savings
  • Temperature, Humidity, Air Flow, Leaf Temp and CO2 of the greenhouse available in real-time
  • Sleek design allows valuable sunlight to get through
  • Energy-efficient LED Lighting (2.45μmol/J) is 20% more efficient than HID/HPS lighting
  • Full-spectrum, powerful light output (2,850PPF) for any ceiling or crop height
  • Agnetix Heat Recovery Technology reduces HVAC loads
  • Agnetix HMI provides remote data dashboard without disturbing stable grow environment
  • The technology reclaims heat energy for up to 50% savings and a more stable environment
Sample Greenhouse Layout

Free Rebate Estimates

Save up to 70% on Agnetix Lighting

Agnetix provides our customers with FREE utility rebate estimates as well as additional services to process complex rebate applications.

Saving money just got easier.

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