Pivot Or Die, The Innovator’s Mantra

Pivot Or Die, The Innovator’s Mantra

Ihor joins Business Outlaws to share his entrepreneurial journey into the forefront of innovation. Believe it or not, you have been impacted by his work. As a pioneer of LED technology, Ihor Lys, PhD paved the way for what is today the booming $50 Billion LED Lighting industry. He created new possibilities for digitally controlled illumination and co-founded the world’s first LED lighting company, Color Kinetics. He and his CK team transformed simple indicator lights into individually-addressable, energy-efficient, intelligent nodes that are used today in theater, movies, billboards, building facades, commercial spaces and residential homes.

Today, Dr. Lys is heading down an exciting new path at Agnetix, disrupting the way Cultivators are thinking about horticulture and paving the way for more sustainable growing methods.

Listen to a special podcast hosted by the Business Outlaws as Big Mike and Chris interview our Co-Founder and CTO, Ihor Lys PhD.

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100 Agnetix A3-DD lights at $2,100


51% Incentive*$107,100
Your Cost $102,900

* Varies by customer

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