Agnetix A3

Highly-efficient, high-performing, horticulture LED light that reduces HVAC and dehumidifier costs by efficiently removing heat from inside the room.

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Powerful & Efficient

  • Highly-Efficient

  • High Light Levels

  • High Power

  • Suitable for wet locations


Super High Efficacy

Agnetix A3
Delivers up to2.45μmol/J

A3 delivers full-spectrum light that is up to 2.45PAR μmol/J, outperforming traditional lamps and other LED fixtures.


Liquid-cooled System

Agnetix A3 Liquid Cooled

Unique design of the A3 water loop efficiently eliminates 100% of the light’s waste heat from the growth chamber, reducing energy use and operating costs.


Agnetix Heat Recovery Technology

The Agnetix A3 platform significantly drives down operational costs with its unique water-cooling and heat recovery system. The system efficiently removes heat from the grow lights using a simple water loop. Piped out of the room, the heat can be rejected or easily reused to warm the rest of the facility. This results in a more stable horticulture environment for better plant comfort, reduced costs and better yields.


Advanced Plant Sensors

Convenient RJ-45 Ethernet
Data port
Camera + Sensor USB Ports
for real time data

The A3 is IoT enabled with USB and PoE ports integrated into the fixture, allowing for important data collection and crop visibility using the Agnetix HMI.

  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Airflow
  • Leaf Temperature
  • CO2

Real-Time Data

  • Monitor leaf temperatures using IR Sensor for better decision-making and healthier grow
  • Screen Air Flow metrics that can impact humidity levels
  • Manage CO2 levels that can negatively impact growth when too high

Real-Time Visibility

  • Temperature78F
  • Room Dim23%
  • Humidity67.4%
Grow Room237 Plants
HMI MonitorLetuceLeafLeafLeafZoom

Included with the A3 system, the Agnetix Human Machine Interface (HMI) works seamlessly with advanced sensors and cameras to deliver real-time visibility into a grow room, providing growers with critical environmental and plant data.

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Simple Installation

Agnetix A3 Right
Agnetix A3 Left

Tool-less push-to-connect system is fast and simple to install


Waterproof Cable System

Plug-and-play power cable and waterproof networking allows 10x faster and cheaper installation with no conduit and easy to wash down regularly.

With the Agnetix liquid cooling and heat recovery system, I don’t have to run heating at night or cooling during the day.

Aaron Flynn

Co-Founder Gold Seal SF



The Agnetix Human Machine Interface (HMI) is included with the A3 lighting system and delivers visibility into a grow room’s health

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Plug and Go options for greenhouse and indoor grows

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Agnetix provides our customers with FREE utility rebate estimates as well as additional services to process complex rebate applications.

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