Okanagan Grow Tech Innovations

Okanagan Grow Tech Innovations

Okanagan Grow Tech Innovations is the exclusive Agnetix Master Distributor for Canada. This forward-thinking team is leading the Canadian Horticulture industry with their state-of-the-art grow facilities and unique approach to optimizing productivity. They have been successfully growing record-breaking yields of Cannabis under the Agnetix water cooled lighting system and offer personalized cultivation assist packages to optimize any facility.

Okanagan Grow Tech specializes in using science, technology, and process management to produce replicable and cost efficient results. Their services include solving critical issues for their horticulture clients, consulting, designing all aspects of a facility and providing guidance on long-term facility management.

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Take advantage of utility incentives

CA residents have access through utility incentives that significantly reduce start-up costs.


100 Agnetix A3-DD lights at $2,100


51% Incentive*$107,100
Your Cost $102,900

* Varies by customer

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