Helios Cultivation Of Canada Partners With Agnetix For Indoor Grow Facility

Helios Cultivation Of Canada Partners With Agnetix For Indoor Grow Facility

Helios forms strategic alliance with global lighting technology experts.

San Diego, CA – March 15, 2022Agnetix a leader in Smart Horticulture Lighting, revealed a partnership with Helios Cultivation of Smeaton, Saskatchewan who recently announced cannabis cultivation licensing by the Government of Canada. Helios’s high-tech indoor cultivation facility build out began in 2019 and features Agnetix innovative, high-powered, liquid-cooled luminaires.

Trane®, a world leader in air conditioning systems, services and solutions, collaborated with James Liu, one of Canada’s leading hydronic engineers with Arrow Engineering, on the build. The team included certified technicians, a controls specialist, project specialists, master electricians, and HVAC systems consultants to realize the vision. “Helios design is several things, but common and standard is definitely not one of them. Heat recovery by a modular multistage chiller unit and heat extraction from Agnetix hydronic cooled LED horticulture lights allow for Helios to be labelled one of the most unique, state of the art, efficient Cannabis facilities currently constructed in North America”, Trane Canada.

Dorian Semchuk, Director of Helios Cultivation Corp., said, “The primary objective of our design vision was integration of the most state-of-the-art technologies for production of fine craft cannabis. After thorough testing of all major horticulture lighting fixtures, the Agnetix system was deemed a home run for our facility. The hydronic heat extraction from the fixtures, as well as energy efficiency while in operation, means the carbon footprint of Helios is substantially reduced. With Agnetix, industry-leading photon saturation and spectrum balance allows for development of THC, terpene, and cannabinoid profiles to unprecedented levels, key in true craft cannabis production. The Helios team is looking forward to its bright symbiotic future with the Agnetix team.”

“This innovative facility sets a high bar for low carbon density indoor cannabis cultivation,” said Jordan Miles, CEO, Agnetix. “This exciting team is set to burst into the Canadian market as a formidable competitive force with the lowest environmental impact of any commercial grower in the same category.”

For more information about the Agnetix A3 and Zenith water-cooled lighting systems, visit www.agnetix.com or contact info@agnetix.com.

About Helios Cultivation:
Helios strives to be the finest cannabis producer in the country. Leading the way in quality, integrity and a passion for our craft. In order to rise above the competition, Helios undertook the creation of an extremely high-tech, state-of-the art facility. Helios developed a mechanical design that preserves all energy inputs and maintains environmental control to very specific set points that change vastly throughout the growth cycle of the cannabis plant. There are no other similar facilities applying this approach to preserve energy use. Eu GMP certification is in the scope of objectives, allowing Helios to access sales of product on a international scale. Both certified organic and standard cannabis will be produced within the facility.

About Agnetix:
Agnetix is an SEC-registered technology company on a steep growth trajectory focused on the development of advanced smart horticultural lighting and information technology solutions for commercial indoor and greenhouse growers – both in fresh produce and cannabis markets. The Agnetix Responsive Agriculture™ platform delivers meaningful plant and energy data insights for quick, informed decisions to mitigate risks. The Agnetix system includes highly efficient, water-cooled LED lighting, environmental sensors, AI (Artificial Intelligence) imagers, data, and real-time monitoring solutions. Agnetix helps serious controlled environment agriculture (CEA) growers to significantly improve their crop yield, reduce their operating cost, reduce their carbon footprint, and run a more profitable business.

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