Ferrari of Grow Rooms – Agnetix, Craft Farmer and Mercy Wellness

Ferrari of Grow Rooms - Agnetix, Craft Farmer and Mercy Wellness

In this Video Case Study, we take a look at the Ferrari of grow rooms – designed together with Agnetix, Mercy Wellness & Craft Farmer. Brandon Levine, CEO Mercy Wellness and Craft Famer (AKA Lance Guyan), Lead Cultivator Mercy Wellness, walk us through their spectacular grow rooms and dispensary in northern California.

The Mercy Wellness grow facility is smart, cutting-edge, and purpose-built specifically for Agnetix lights. “I chose Agnetix because they’re light years ahead of the rest of the other lighting companies out there,” said Brandon Levine. Using the latest in LED Lighting, Sensors, Air Flow, and HVAC technology, this is one of the first sustainable indoor grows.

This system is the most energy-efficient setup available for an Indoor Grow. “We’re using the HVAC we would use in a traditional 12-light facility in a 40-light Agnetix A3 room” says Craft Farmer. High-intensity full-spectrum light that is efficiently delivered with the Agnetix A3, allows higher temperature and humidification levels in the room and the result is insane trichome production, larger yields, and shorter grow cycles.

Lab Results
Lab results for these plants grown under Agnetix A3 show superior Cannabinoid and THC numbers!

Dog Walker OG (Click image for Lab Results)

Sunset Sherbert (Click image for Lab Results)

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