Certified Cultivators To Partner With Agnetix Lighting Technology For Large-Scale Indoor Grow In Ohio

Certified Cultivators To Partner With Agnetix Lighting Technology For Large-Scale Indoor Grow In Ohio

Certified Cultivators forms strategic alliance with global lighting technology experts.

San Diego, CA – December 7, 2021Agnetix, a leader in Smart Horticulture Lighting Technology, has been selected as the primary lighting partner by Certified Cultivator’s cultivation and distribution facilities in Ohio. Certified Cultivator’s large state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facility will feature Agnetix’s cutting-edge, high-powered, liquid-cooled ZENITH luminaires.

Certified was drawn to Agnetix as their lighting system for its industry benchmark energy efficiencies and data visibility. Agnetix provides a full suite of value-added benefits and a one-of-kind decision support system, employing energy-efficient LED lighting, canopy-level sensors, networking technology, and real time data analytics.

“With the addition of the Agnetix system, we’ll for the first time have the proper light intensity needed to get the best quality and quantity out of our plants. We’re also obviously excited about all of the tech that comes with the system. From one location we’ll be able to control the lights and analyze the environmental data points to ensure our plants are at maximum health and in no danger. As a bonus, our facility was designed for the ability to discharge heat through water loops to reduce the HVAC output and load, and the Agnetix system makes perfect sense for us,” said Scott Miller, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel at Certified Cultivators. “We’ve seen a lot online about the yields and quality from the grows that use Agnetix, and we’re looking forward to the fantastic things their lights will do for us.”

“This is an exciting partnership for our team, our high efficiency data driven platform is well aligned with the vision for Certified,” said Jordan Miles, CEO, Agnetix. “Scott and his team are well positioned to set the bar in Ohio for high quality outcomes at the lowest carbon intensity of any grower in the same class.”

For more information about the Agnetix A3 and Zenith water-cooled lighting systems, visit www.agnetix.com or contact sales@agnetix.com.

About Certified Cultivators:

Family owned and operated, Certified Cultivators is based in Dayton, Ohio. They pride themselves on their passion for high quality, science and design to create an exceptional medical cannabis experience. Certified’s medical cannabis facility is designed to nourish the healthy development of each plant. Custom-designed and state-of-the-art, its environmental controls, lighting, and irrigation/fertigation systems maintain perfect growing conditions no matter the season outside. These systems do not stop at cultivation. Each processing department, whether for flower, concentrate, or edible, has been designed and equipped to deliver the highest quality medical products to Ohio’s patients. The Certified family is truly grateful for the opportunity to connect medicine, culture and community through medicinal cannabis, and is passionate and committed to helping people live healthier lives and are truly grateful to be a part of the conversation pushing the medical cannabis industry forward.


About Agnetix:

Agnetix is an SEC-registered technology company on a steep growth trajectory focused on the development of advanced smart horticultural lighting and information technology solutions for commercial indoor and greenhouse growers – both in fresh produce and cannabis markets. The Agnetix Responsive Agriculture™ platform delivers meaningful plant and energy data insights for quick, informed decisions to mitigate risks. The Agnetix system includes highly efficient, water-cooled LED lighting, environmental sensors, AI (Artificial Intelligence) imagers, data, and real-time monitoring solutions. Agnetix helps serious controlled environment agriculture (CEA) growers to significantly improve their crop yield, reduce their operating cost, reduce their carbon footprint, and run a more profitable business.

Contact: Craig Morreale craig.morreale@agnetix.com (1-833-AGNETIX) www.agnetix.com

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