Agnetix Premieres The Most Powerful & Efficient Greenhouse LED Horticulture Light

Agnetix Premieres The Most Powerful & Efficient Greenhouse LED Horticulture Light

Las Vegas, CA – November 14, 2018 — Agnetix, an LED lighting manufacturer that is transforming the horticulture lighting landscape, today launched the A3-1200-HERO, a brand new approach to powerfully and efficiently illuminate a greenhouse for horticulture and cannabis growth.

Using all red 660nm high-powered LEDs, the HERO (High Efficiency Red Only) delivers a whopping 4,000 PPF, more than double the output of traditional HPS lighting, and more PAR light than any other light in the world. The massive PPF comes in a sleek form factor and minimizes fixture count while delivering accelerated greenhouse grow cycles, and high-quality plants.

The HERO light is designed to supplement natural sunlight, enabling high quality plant growth even in colder climates. Light intensity is fully controllable and can be adjusted specific to the crop, season and phase of the grow cycle to optimize yield. This light is also extremely efficient delivering 3.2 umol/J and offering significant energy cost reductions for the facility.

The Agnetix HERO has all the great features of the Agnetix A3 product platform. Its clever design uses liquid-cooled technology to recapture waste heat, allowing it to be re-deployed in the greenhouse using traditional greenhouse heating systems and methods. The HERO light also supports the full line of Agnetix Environmental Sensors, providing real-time visibility of environmental, plant and operational conditions, as well as grow cycle logging. Sensors communicate with the Agnetix HMI (Human Machine Interface) and it displays a simple remote dashboard, highlighting important environmental and plant data including temperatures, humidity, air flow, CO2, leaf temperature and more across the facility. With built-in USB and Power Over Ethernet ports, the HERO is also a simple platform for the deployment of plant cameras and new technologies in remote plant health monitoring.

“Leveraging decades of our own LED technology experience, we are excited to be at the forefront of the LED horticulture lighting movement, providing efficient lighting and smart data enabling solutions for high-quality, high-profit crops,” said Ihor Lys PhD, CTO/Co-Founder Agnetix.

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