Agnetix Liquid-Cooled LED Horticultural Lighting Is Selected By Mercy Wellness For New Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Agnetix Liquid-Cooled LED Horticultural Lighting Is Selected By Mercy Wellness For New Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Santa Rosa, CA – June 25, 2018 — Agnetix, a fast-growing manufacturer of horticultural LED lighting solutions, has been selected by Mercy Wellness to provide LED lighting for its new 10,000ft2 state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facility. Currently under construction, the new facility will feature 125 Agnetix A3 LED Horticultural fixtures.

With skyrocketing demand for cannabis, Mercy Wellness kicked off the first of several high-yielding cultivation facilities. “With a strong infrastructure already in place for our medicinal business, expanding into recreational-use was a natural transition,” said Brandon Levine, CEO of Mercy Wellness. “As an 8-year veteran in medicinal cannabis, one of our biggest concerns is the total cost including equipment and electricity. The Agnetix system is able to cut our electricity costs in half over traditional solutions.”

Agnetix uses a patent-pending water loop to remove heat that other fixtures normally emit inside the facility. With less unwanted heat in the grow chamber, the requirement for HVAC capacity decreases, reducing both the cost of HVAC equipment at start up and on an operational basis by 50% or greater. Co-founder Nick Maderas introduced the A3 concept to Brandon Levine in early 2016, and helped customize the facility solution for Mercy Wellness. “The Agnetix approach utilizes standard hydronics to improve the efficacy of LED diodes” noted Maderas. The Agnetix A3 is utility-validated, energy efficiency qualified product which is eligible for an incentive of 12 cents per kWh through PG&E’s customized incentives program.

The 1200W-energy-efficient A3 fixture delivers full spectrum LED light at over 40% greater efficacy than industry standard HPS DE fixtures, and at efficacies in excess of 2.45 μmol/J. With internal dimming to 1%, built-in support for sensors, canopy analysis cameras and other devices, the A3 delivers unparalleled visibility and control in the cultivation space. Dozens of critical environmental metrics including air, leaf-surface and liquid temps, humidity, CO2, and airspeed are measured, logged and shown on an easy to use dashboard. With greater visibility, low cap-ex costs, and 50%+ reductions in facility power use the A3 provides a more stable plant environment, better yields, and healthier crops.

By deploying the Agnetix platform, Mercy Wellness expects to efficiently improve yields, saving over 50% on energy over traditional cultivation systems.

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