Agnetix Greenhouse Partner // Sticky Inc

Agnetix Greenhouse Partner // Sticky Inc

Exciting new video case study from our partners @sticky_farm! Watch as the owner, Pablo Abuliak talks about the Agnetix install and his Spaceship greenhouse. They replaced all their HPS lights with the high-intensity, water-cooled Agnetix A3 system complete with the Agnetix HMI. Their goal is to increase annual yield by supplementing the winter solar cycle with man-made photons for their 12-hour plant light cycles. What makes this facility really stand out is the unique way they are using the waste heat energy from the Agnetix Lights as hot water and repurposing it back into the concrete floor slabs to maintain a stable environment for the plants! Having stabilized temperatures throughout the facility will result in a consistent and stable environment for healthy roots and leaf temps.

The Agnetix HMI allows Pablo to easily monitor all the environmental metrics for a healthy grow. Using sensors and cameras, we’ll be able to collect plant data and visuals quickly and easily for better decision making.

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